Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Sept 2019: Wall sheathing

Plywood sheathing was needed to make the outside walls of the old house & garage flush with the add on.

Old meets new:

We chose to sheath all but one side of the house with CDX to improve the shear strength:

On the unsheathed wall, we made a top to bottom X brace with metal straps for lateral strength (hard to see what's going on in this washed out pic):

And added more strapping to better tie together old and new sections of house:

Running total:  $76,500
New Costs:  $1,200
-30 sheets of 1/2" cdx: $600
-Nails: $200
-Screws:  $200
-150ft coil strap;  $150
-Odds & ends: $50

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