Monday, January 14, 2019

Jan 2019

Goodbye 2018.
2019 will be our year.

Took down the loft (which eliminated a support post in the living room), removed the kitchen island and some of the raised floor framing.


Cutting down the loft.  Easy victory.

I panicked when the falling loft banged into our main (and only) support post:

We’re good.  Bust it up and pack it away:
Continued with the electrical work, which was (of course) more difficult than expected.  D and I worked into the night (which starts at 4:30pm this time of year) to run wire through conduit into garage. Our new shiny pole looks pretty good against the current back drop.
Snaking conduit to the garage box: 

New 50amp RV hookup:

Cutting wood, burning scraps, drinking whisky and building a wood rack in the barn.

There’s tons of work ahead, but don’t feel too bad for us.
Running total for renovation: $46,550
New Expenses: $400
Expense detail: 50amp receptacle: $30, 50amp GFCI breaker: $100, 50ft of 6/3 romex: $150, Ground rods + wire: $50, breakers & electrical odds n' ends: $70

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