Monday, January 28, 2019

Feb / March 2019 - Framing the loft & roof

Cold February days are here. 

Proof: Stalagmites in the bathroom sink:


Framing improvements:

Stringer upsizing:  (For the attic stringers to carry the weight of a loft, they need to be upsized from discontinuous 2x4s to 2x8's.):


After (w/ sistered 2x8s):

D adding new supports to transfer the roof load to the new stringers:

Man yoga:

Using clamps to take the bow out of the old stringers:

Adding 2x2s to even up the width on top:

1x8 sheathing :


Very stout final product.  Ready to be patched and painted.

In the vaulted parts of the old house, where head space was not a consideration, we upsized the rafters by sistering 2x6s with the existing 2x4s:

Surprisingly, there was very little  roof sag and the 2x6s sistered up easily

Framing in the loft:


Running total:  $47,600

New Costs:
50 2x4s:  $150
25 2x8s:  $350
10 2x6s: $100
20 1x8s: $300
Nails and screws:  $150

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