Monday, January 28, 2019

Feb / March 2019 - Framing the loft & roof

Cold February days are here. 

Proof: Stalagmites in the bathroom sink:


Framing improvements:

Stringer upsizing:  (For the attic stringers to carry the weight of a loft, they need to be upsized from discontinuous 2x4s to 2x8's.):


After (w/ sistered 2x8s):

D adding new supports to transfer the roof load to the new stringers:

Man yoga:

Using clamps to take the bow out of the old stringers:

Adding 2x2s to even up the width on top:

1x8 sheathing :


Very stout final product.  Ready to be patched and painted.

In the vaulted parts of the old house, where head space was not a consideration, we upsized the rafters by sistering 2x6s with the existing 2x4s:

Surprisingly, there was very little  roof sag and the 2x6s sistered up easily

Framing in the loft:


Running total:  $47,600

New Costs:
50 2x4s:  $150
25 2x8s:  $350
10 2x6s: $100
20 1x8s: $300
Nails and screws:  $150

Monday, January 14, 2019

Jan 2019

Goodbye 2018.
2019 will be our year.

Took down the loft (which eliminated a support post in the living room), removed the kitchen island and some of the raised floor framing.


Cutting down the loft.  Easy victory.

I panicked when the falling loft banged into our main (and only) support post:

We’re good.  Bust it up and pack it away:
Continued with the electrical work, which was (of course) more difficult than expected.  D and I worked into the night (which starts at 4:30pm this time of year) to run wire through conduit into garage. Our new shiny pole looks pretty good against the current back drop.
Snaking conduit to the garage box: 

New 50amp RV hookup:

Cutting wood, burning scraps, drinking whisky and building a wood rack in the barn.

There’s tons of work ahead, but don’t feel too bad for us.
Running total for renovation: $46,550
New Expenses: $400
Expense detail: 50amp receptacle: $30, 50amp GFCI breaker: $100, 50ft of 6/3 romex: $150, Ground rods + wire: $50, breakers & electrical odds n' ends: $70

Dec 2018 - Back to work

We spent the summer and fall not working on the house.  Time to pick it up where we left off 6 months ago:  Demoing, cleaning and filling dumpsters.

A big grey tom cat was ‘squatting’ in the house and messed up the living room subfloor. The floor had to go. 
Nibbling away at it with pry bars was a palm bruising experience.  
D’s family came out and helped pull nails and fill up another dumpster.  D’s dad fixed the toilet (D claims it to be a life changer). 
Electric work continues:
We’ve been living in fear of the electric service in the garage.  After getting shocked and burning up a couple extension cords trying to power the RV we decided to do some electrical upgrades in the garage next.  

Goodby fuse box- You won’t leave me in the dark again. 
Goodby switch. 
Goodbye overhead wire.
 Goodbye garage phone. 
Hello new 100 amp breaker box. 
Two steps forward one step back: I killed the garage overhead lines not realizing I needed 220V to run the well pump. had to repurpose the water heater circuit in the main house to run a 220v outside to the well.  
Settling in for the long haul.  Installled a 150 gallon propane tank to fuel the RV
We’re burning gas and finally keeping the place hot this weekend.  

We now have a 220v wire, a propane line, three water hoses, three extension cords with all kinds of splitters, an ethernet cable, and a sewage hose draped across our back yard between the house, garage and RV. 
Running total for renovation: $46,150
New Expenses:  150 gal Propane tank-$250.  Breaker box- $100. Conduit- $200(this shit adds up!). 250 ft 10/2 wire- $180. 3x more asbestos samples-$100. 3yrd bagster -$170. Dumpster (10yrd)-$250 ($150 overweight charges). New Shopvac- $200. Odds n ends (shop vac bags, tyvec suits, toilet parts, pex fittings): $200