Tuesday, February 20, 2018

February (weeks 21, 22, 23)

We are focusing most of our attention on packing and moving out of our old house and into the trailer.  Some work at the house continues:

Week 21:

We buried the last of the exposed copper water line before some snow and very cold weather arrived.

And ran another water line (this time using pex) from the well, through the cement floor, and towards the back of the property to supply the trailer.

Week 22:
We discovered water damage in the trailer.  Wall needs to be repaired. 

Maybe we’ve learned our lesson about buying cheap (houses, trailers, contractors...)

Week 23:  

Hired Ted, my cousin-in law, and his buddy to help with the dirty work of removing sheet rock from the ceiling ($350 for their labor and $300 for the dumpster).  They removed one crumby surface to just find another

Acoustic tiles under the sheet rock:

Fortunately the acoustic tiles tested negative for asbosetos ($150 testing fee) and should be easy to remove next week.

Not done, but things are definitely looking better with the old living room ceilings (and the loft railing) gone:



Running total for renovation: $43,400

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