Monday, February 5, 2018

Week 20: 5th wheel delivered

We picked up a 5th wheel from a used RV lot and had it delivered to the property.  It’s a big one - which is good cause we’ll be living in it with our two kids and two dogs for awhile.  An extended camping trip in our back yard.  Should be great. 

Dumpsters #4 & #5 are gone (additional $800 In overweight charges).  I spent a full day sweeping and powerwashig what was a very dirty driveway:

We also worked on raking smooth the soil in preparation for reseeding the lawn.  In doing so, we have found a few obsidian chips, one of which I’m certain is a piece of arrowhead.  

I’m now on the look out for more arrowheads (the excavator said it’s common to find them in our area). Looking takes time though. The dirt is littered with black objects - lots of charcoal as well as some bits of plastic and roof tiles.  From my vantage point, five feet or so above the ground, all these charcoal bits (which I like to think are the remanants of thousands of years of Indian campfires) appear the same as obsidian.  When the weather turns nice again I’m going to take a day and search the soil in earnest while it is still exposed.  Maybe this will turn into a blog about Indian artifacts.  


The roof conflict was peacefully resolved.  The roofer accepted, albeit reluctantly, that the roof was critically flawed and would need to be redone (and not by his company).  We agreed that nothing would be owed for the roof and that I would pay for the carpentry work and the material cost of the skylights $2350. 

Running total for renovation: $42,600

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