Friday, January 26, 2018

Week 18:  Patio prep

The excavation and patio framing starts next week, so I had to cramb a lot of needed prep work into one day this week. 

Happy to have Randy and my dad’s help with taking down the patio cover. The metal roof was screwed on and came off without any surprises. 

We started taking the wood structure apart by hand, but the partially supported beams were swinging and dropping unpredictably.

To be safe(r) we pulled the structure down with a tow strap and truck and broke it apart once on the ground



(Tree, cover, deck, and grass- all now gone)

Also, I dug a couple more trenches and Installed rainwater drainpipes to run under the patio ($100). 


Roof update: A roofer from another company and a roof inspectior ($200) separately looked at our new roof. They both concluded that the roof needs to be removed and redone....

Running total for renovation: $39,100


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