Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Week 14: Chimney and harth demo.  More windows in

Was nice to take some days off, but had to get back at it. We are facing a long hard stretch ahead to get this house move in ready.
We brought in laborers to remove the chimney and harth ($400 for 3x laborers and $300 for dumpster #4).  We discovered the harth base was a solid concrete slab, so I had to rent a jack hammer ($150) and take it out the next day.

The dinning room looks (and smells) way better with the old masonary gone.
Amazingly there was hard wood below the harth that, except for a couple jack hammer gouges, is in pretty good shape.

A before pic:

We haven’t yet decided where we will relocate the stove.
My goal for the week was to get the rest of the windows in, but fell short.  We did get three rough openings prepped and two windows installed:
Cutting away the siding on the attic window:

We cut a new hole in the house to add a second window in the back bedroom.  D and I got these two installed before rushing off to a New Years party.

I saved the worst for last:

The library window was definitely the most poorly installed window in the house. The siding did not extend all the way to the window.

Anyone could have broken into house by simply bending back the few nails that held the window in place and removing the window.

Bad waterproofing left the sill pate along much the wall rotted and needing to be replaced.  This needs to be done before I can finish installig this window.
Garage cleanup:
Our house project started out with a single item or two. Item by item we have gained and now we have a whole garage full of items.
D joined me for a couple days to help get organized.
We reinstalled the wood stove In the garage. After a little clean up, the garage is now a comfy little workshop.

She also continued removing the attic insulation.
Here’s an example of how not to secure a wire:

Roof update:
The roof is still not compete and no sign of the roofers this week.  They did install our three new syights ($1,500) before xmas. This greatly improved the light situation in what was a dark living room.

Additional costs:
-$100 for more framing and window install materials.
-$300 weight and rental overcharges for last dumpster
Running total for renovation: $36,850

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  1. It seems to be a real overhaul, I guess. But you have to take some time and you will be able to see your house so pretty!