Friday, December 8, 2017

Week 12:  Family lends a hand 

We had a work party with D’s family this weekend.  We lit a campfire and kept the coffee hot.  With eight of us working, we got a lot of clean up done.  The house looks the best it ever has. 

Cutting up the cherry tree :

We installed five more windows:


Roof update:

2.5 weeks later and the roofers are still at it.  Maybe next week is the week they’ll get it done. 


Septic update:

The septic was finished this week - Three days before the bank started dinging us with a daily late penalty (a condition of the escrow holdback used to pay for the septic).

Rather then fix the cracked water main, the septic guys dug us a new trench so we could replace the broken water line with a new one.  This is a better long term solution, but it means we will be without water and toilet for a time.

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