Monday, November 20, 2017

Week 8: Framing windows

Yeaterday was a big day of framing windows. I’m so stiff today I can hardly move. Only hit my thumb once, but got it good. Randy got cut by a piece of falling glass.

Spent Saturday gathering supplies (~$200 in headers, studs and fasteners) and removing the old windows.  9 out of 10 of them came out reasonably easy.

On Sunday we worked on the framing which was seriously lacking in areas.  The 7ft long dinning room window, for example, had a single 2x4 header and no studs below. Code requires a 4x12 beam supported by 4 jack studs.

Dinning room header before:

Dinning room header after:

Bedroom window before (no header):

Bedroom window after:

Kitchen window now has a 2x10 header where there was none.  Also replaced rotted studs behind kitchen sink:

By the end of the day, the framing for 7 of the 11 windows was complete.  

Running total for renovation:  $12,700

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