Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Week 7: Kitchen subfloor

Short days and bad weather means work on the house is now limited to the weekends.

The kitchen subfloor had two different slopes separated by a ridge running down the center.  We considered living with it, but when we uncovered a patch of rotten boards under the kitchen sink we decided to rip it all up and start fresh.

The originol house, the garage and the addition all come together in the kitchen.  It is no surprise the floor was uneven.

Things were going pretty smooth until a forgot to adjust the height on my saw and knicked the water pipe:

(A day later I accedently cut (and removed) the wire to the water heater . Making more work for myself.)

Lifting the subfloor uncovered a new mess.  Dee helped with the clean up.

Justin came out and helped remove trash from the 'burn pile' we inherited.  There was a fiberglass shower and mound of carpet hiding at the bottom:

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