Sunday, October 29, 2017

Week 5 & 6:  Sick kids and hunting trips

Sick kids and two hunting trips halted our progress for two weeks.

We did have a consulatation with a sctrural engineer  ($200 total @$125/hr) about what improvements to the ground floor would be required to add a second story. We found out that the framing was sufficient to bear a second story, but our foundation lacked the footing required to build up.  We also learned that the living room addition was "built like a barn" where ceiling beams are supported by individual columns rather than a wall.  The problem with this manner of building is that it lacks lateral strength which is not good for our area.  To make our house more earthquake safe, we need to tie together the non continuous top plates with metal strapping.  Bolting to the foundation is also needed.

Running total for renovation:  $12,500

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