Sunday, October 8, 2017

Week 3: Finished demo. Painted garage.

Randy took advantage of some nice October weather and finished painting the garage.  (10 cans of primer and paint = $400)



The linoleum in the kitchen and entry way tested positive for asbestos. The abatement cost us $3k and a day of work. (Asbestos testing for 10 samples = $300)

The abatement revealed rotted subloors in our kitchen that need to be replaced.  It wasn’t part of our original plan, but the lower cabinets needed to be removed.

With the lower cabinets gone:

Once I lifted the cabinets I found some major mice dens, so I'm glad we pulled them.

After cleaning the kitchen I decided to pull the walls off the laundry room (also not part of our original plan) to get the house completely cleaned and sealed up.  By the end of the week all the major demo was finally done. (A second dumpster was needed (10yrd for $300) and I hired a laborer ($150) for another day of help).

Took the weekend off to spend time with out of town family and celebrate my daughters 3rd birthday.

Also this week:  Odered new Anderson windows ($3200).  They will be delivered 11/14.

Running total for renovation:  $11,900

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