Sunday, October 29, 2017

Week 5 & 6:  Sick kids and hunting trips

Sick kids and two hunting trips halted our progress for two weeks.

We did have a consulatation with a sctrural engineer  ($200 total @$125/hr) about what improvements to the ground floor would be required to add a second story. We found out that the framing was sufficient to bear a second story, but our foundation lacked the footing required to build up.  We also learned that the living room addition was "built like a barn" where ceiling beams are supported by individual columns rather than a wall.  The problem with this manner of building is that it lacks lateral strength which is not good for our area.  To make our house more earthquake safe, we need to tie together the non continuous top plates with metal strapping.  Bolting to the foundation is also needed.

Running total for renovation:  $12,500

Friday, October 20, 2017

Week 4: Fixing the electric

Randy hustled to get the porch cover and eves painted before an extended stretch of rainy weather began. He spent the rest of the week pulling carpet staples from the hardwoods and cleaning the studs and ceiling joist of nails.
I spent the the week updating the electric system. ($200 for a couple roles of romex, some boxes, switches, and receptacles). Half the house had ungrounded wires from the 50's. The rest of the house had modern type wires from the 70s, but many of them had been chewed on by animals.

Damaged wires:

The inspection report said the electrical wiring displayed signs of 'amateurism":

A few of the old wires I removed:
Kitchen lights finally work after being non functional for the last month. A small, but satisfying victory to end the week. Feels good to see the house finally start to go back together after a month of demo. Also nice to have light in the kitchen
Also this week:  Chimney sweep and inspection ($200). We found out that the chimney is in serviceable shape, though the juction between the stove pipe and the chimney clearly needs to be redone:

Running total for renovation:  $12,300

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Week 3: Finished demo. Painted garage.

Randy took advantage of some nice October weather and finished painting the garage.  (10 cans of primer and paint = $400)



The linoleum in the kitchen and entry way tested positive for asbestos. The abatement cost us $3k and a day of work. (Asbestos testing for 10 samples = $300)

The abatement revealed rotted subloors in our kitchen that need to be replaced.  It wasn’t part of our original plan, but the lower cabinets needed to be removed.

With the lower cabinets gone:

Once I lifted the cabinets I found some major mice dens, so I'm glad we pulled them.

After cleaning the kitchen I decided to pull the walls off the laundry room (also not part of our original plan) to get the house completely cleaned and sealed up.  By the end of the week all the major demo was finally done. (A second dumpster was needed (10yrd for $300) and I hired a laborer ($150) for another day of help).

Took the weekend off to spend time with out of town family and celebrate my daughters 3rd birthday.

Also this week:  Odered new Anderson windows ($3200).  They will be delivered 11/14.

Running total for renovation:  $11,900

Week 2: More demo. Exterior painting

Started the week by cutting down the arborvitae in front.

Removed the existing support structure for the porch cover and put up temporary supports.

Removing the rotting eves revealed where the patio cover had broken through the roof.

..and more animal damage.  Rats chewed through the walls here:

By the end of the week I had finished filling the 30 yard dumpster.

With the dumpster full I took a break from this mess and spent a long weekend hunting in eastern Oregon.

Week 1:  getting started 

The renovation began on Thursday Sept. 21.   Rented a 30yrd dumpster ($500) and hired three laborers ($400) for a full day of demo.

All the walls and the bedroom ceilings were covered with paneling which we wanted to remove.  Unfortunately, not a single piece of salvageable sheet rock was found underneath.

Wall to wall to ceiling panels:

Hiding beneath:

By the end of the first day, more than half the walls were gone.

And I had five stitches in my forehead thanks to a flying 2x4.

Running total for renovation:  $4,500

Foundation Fix

Their were no proper piers or supports under the old portion of the house.  Before closing, the bank required us to replace 11 pier pads and posts (@ a cost of $3,600).
Running total for renovation:  $3,600

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Before the Renovation

Our island fixer

So we bought a fixer. A 1500 sqft leaky rats nest on an acre.  Going to give up the city and move out to the country.  But first we need to fix this place up.  Our goal is to have the house 'move in ready' for us and our kids in two months.